Xu Ma (马旭)

Ph.D. Candidate,
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern University.

Email: ma.xu1[at]northeastern.edu

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Brief Bio
I am a PhD candidate in the College of Engineering, Northeastern University, USA and work with Prof. Yun Raymond Fu in the SMILE Lab. Before that I spent two years in the Department of Computer Sicence & Engineering, University of North Texas, working with Prof. Song Fu. I received my BS and MS degrees in the College of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing Forestry University, China, advised by Prof. Yingan Liu and Prof. Qiaolin Ye.
My research interests are in the areas of Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. I was a research intern at Bell Labs, eBay, Microsoft, and Adobe. I was the recipient of ICME'20 Best Student Paper Award, SEC'19 Best Paper Award, and Academic Technology Scholar Award from Northeastern University for Fall 2022.

Target: papers that can be called research, insightful and impactful, or useful. NO spam papers.
-- 2023

[Mar. 2024] I will join Meta GenAI as a research intern this summer.

[Feb 2024] One paper “Rewrite the Stars” has been accepted by CVPR'24.

[Jan. 2024] I will join Microsoft as a research intern in Spring 2024.

[Jan. 2023] One paper (Efficient Modulation for Vision Networks)accepted by ICLR'24.

[Jul. 2023] Two papers accepted by ICCV'23.

[May. 2023] I will join Adobe Research as a research intern.

[May. 2023] Named as CVPR 2023 Outstanding Reviewer.

[Jan. 2023] We have one paper (Image as Set of Points)accepted by ICLR'23 as Oral.

[Dec. 2022] I will join Microsoft as a research intern in Spring 2023.

[Oct. 2022] Selected as a Top Reviewer for NeurIPS'22.

[Sep. 2022] We have one paper on Parameter-efficient Transformer accepted by NeurIPS'22.

[Aug. 2022] We have one paper on Video Anomaly Detection accepted by ICDM'22.

[Aug. 2022] I have been selected as an Academic Technology Scholar from Northeastern University for Fall 2022.

[Mar. 2022] One paper on Image Vectorization accepted by CVPR'22 as Oral, thanks to my co-authors!

[Feb. 2022] I will join eBay Computer Vision group as a research intern this summer. See you in San Jose.

[Jan. 2022] One paper on Point Cloud Analysis accepted by ICLR'22.

Publications [Google Scholar]
Rewrite the Stars

Xu Ma, Xiyang Dai, Yue Bai, Yizhou Wang, Yun Fu
CVPR 2024
[arXiv] [code]

Efficient Modulation for Vision Networks

Xu Ma, Xiyang Dai, Jianwei Yang, Bin Xiao, Yinpeng Chen, Yun Fu, Lu Yuan
ICLR 2024
[openreivew] [code]

Image as Set of Points

Xu Ma, Yuqian Zhou, Huan Wang, Can Qin, Bin Sun, Chang Liu, Yun Fu
ICLR Oral 2023
[openreivew] [code]

Towards Layer-wise Image Vectorization

Xu Ma, Yuqian Zhou, Xingqian Xu, Bin Sun, Valerii Filev, Nikita Orlov, Yun Fu, Humphrey Shi
CVPR Oral 2022
[arXiv] [code] [project homepage] [colab] [huggingface space]

Rethinking Network Design and Local Geometry in Point Cloud:
A Simple Residual MLP Framework

Xu Ma, Can Qin, Haoxuan You, Haoxi Ran, Yun Fu
ICLR 2022
[pdf] [arXiv] [code]
A Close Look at Spatial Modeling: From Attention to Convolution

Xu Ma, Huan Wang, Can Qin, Kunpeng Li, Xingchen Zhao, Jie Fu, Yun Fu
arXiv 2022
[arXiv] [code]

Parameter-Efficient Masking Networks

Yue Bai, Huan Wang, Xu Ma, Yitian Zhang, ZHIQIANG TAO, Yun Fu
NeurIPS 2022
[arXiv] [code]
Making Reconstruction-based Method Great Again for Video Anomaly Detection

Yizhou Wang, Can Qin, Yue Bai, Yi Xu, Xu Ma and Yun Fu
ICDM 2022
[arXiv] [Code]
Position-aware recalibration module:
Learning from feature semantics and feature position

Xu Ma, Song Fu
IJCAI 2020
[pdf] [Code]


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